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Protective Services

The safety and success of your squad depends on physical and mental preparation. If they train too hard, they risk fatigue during a live situation. If they train too light, they risk experiencing perceptual distortions during a live scenario, making it even more dangerous.  

Managing accuracy and stress through elevated heart rate is the key to optimal performance. Polar Team Solutions gives your squad a real time measurement of physical exertion and stress reactions during fitness and scenario-based training. Simulating training conditions to reflect live scenarios will reduce situational stress and improve response, performance, and recovery time. This helps ensure your squad is in control during live situations, whether they are members of the fire department, police force, military or belong to another agency charged with protecting the public.

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Wrist Units

Heart rate monitors, fitness trackers and GPS sports watches

Polar heart rate monitors and performance sports watches are known globally for their durability and accuracy. Our selection includes fitness and running watches, heart rate monitors and performance trackers. Our products are designed for any activity ranging from swimming, cross-training and yoga to tracking your employees daily activity and calorie consumption.

Sports tracker for elite squad’s

Polar Team Pro.

Take your squad to the next level with the revolutionary Polar Team Pro combining GPS and accelerometer technology with heart rate monitoring.

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Training technology for amateur squad’s

Polar Team.

Polar Team solution shows your players’ accurate real-time heart rates in every indoor sport. Coach your squad to be the fittest in your league.

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Train with the best.

Just like you, we’re dedicated to be the best at what we do. Polar has a proud heritage in offering world class squad coaching solutions used by elite squad’s around the world. To keep you always one step ahead of the game, we are constantly developing our products and services.

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